LFG (looking for graders)


If you're here, you're probably looking for a grader position. Here's what you need to do.

  • Submit the application at Student Employment (https://students.asu.edu/employment/search)
  • Select On-Campus Jobs (grader are not required to work on campus, yes even you online students can work "on campus" for some positions.)
  • Search 73483BR to find IT Grader, then “Apply to job” button  (located on the bottom of the job description).

At this point you're available for any IT professor to hire. You may want to reach out to the individual professors for classes that you have knowledge or skill-sets related for. As a general rule, Professors will want to see your resume, grade transcripts, and want to interview you.

Here's a list of all the positions I have for the Spring 2022 semester:

Class Students 10 hr 15 hr 20 hr
IFT 103 46 1C
IFT 220 35+37 1C+B
IFT 475/598 59+8 1C
IFT 510 103 1C** 1C

** I may not choose to fill this position
Letters represent Session information
Positions that are hopefully filled are striken
Last updated 2022 January 02

General information


  • You've already taken the class with me (preferred) or an equivalent class. [If you intend to take the class in the future you are disqualified]
  • You show fundamental understanding of the material.
  • You can take direction and action based on intent of assignment.
  • You are available for regular weekly meetings.
  • You can respond to chat on a regular basis.


  • Grade based on rubrics, assignment details, and directly given information. Including answer sheets!
  • Give initial feedback on assignments (why they received the grade they did).
  • Attend weekly meetings

What you don't do:

  • Answer student concerns either via email or in canvas itself. Students are to reach out to me directly for concerns. Not my graders.
  • Touch my grade book or class materials in canvas.

If you're interested in helping develop class materials, discuss it with me. If you come up with usuable materials I'll gladly entertain the idea and if I implement it, credit you for it.

HR provided information.