Lorenzen.org Domain Transfer

Hello! You're a user of Lorenzen.org.

Short story.
Email will be migrating to a self-hosted service and off of the google platform.
Remaining services will stay active until google eventually shuts them down. (which it seems they intend to at some point)

I've been using the replacement for half a month now and have had no issues.

If you have any questions/issues you can reach out to me to get you going.

Long story

On 01 June 2022 Google will be ending the plan that I was grandfathered under since 2009 (? Maybe even older?).

Google has since walked back this specific date of action, but they're still pushing to remove functions/features. They will be lowering space allowances on everything and making some features disappear altogether.

The new plans have a cost. The cheapest plan being $6/user/month. This is not a cost I'm looking to incur. Considering that I've been running this on my own for a very long time now, I'm not looking to pay ~$100 a month just to support our use-case as a family.

What does this mean for you? Not that much honestly. We will be divorcing from Google for lorenzen.org services. I will be transferring e-mail to my own servers and implementing Nextcloud as Google docs/drive replacement. This actually means you get significantly MORE features. The downfall being that you're no longer integrated into Youtube or other google services.

Your login will change. Your primary login name will still be the same, but you will have to establish a new password.

Google Gmail

About a week prior to them turning service off (On or about the 25th) I will be taking a full backup of everyone's data... and again right before the service is ended. These backups will be kept indefinitely. I will NOT be importing your old emails into the new inbox. You can do this yourself using software like Thunderbird (reach out to me if you want to do this).

The new email "limitations". Since I'm running it myself, the biggest issue is going to be bandwidth. Download and uploading things from my server are limited by the bandwidth I get from my internet provider. Large files will not work that well... Fortunately most emails are not large at all. Outside of that, most things will be significantly "better". Larger mailboxes, Disposable temporary email addresses, customizable spam filters (you can whitelist or blacklist whatever YOU want), FIDO2 ¬†(U2F and TOTP as well) security keys, self-recovery of "quarantined" (spam or virus detected emails), [email protected] still work!, and so much more. A webclient will be available (mail.lorenzen.org, mail.saik0.com, and through nextcloud) and offline applications are supported as well... Like the Gmail app on your phone? You can still use it... although I suggest "fairemail" or "K9". ¬†Inboxes will be initially set to 25 GB, this can be expanded up to 1TB if needed... but the total usage at the moment for ALL of us on the Lorenzen.org domain is about 70GB. So these numbers are literally "huge".

Overview - mailcow: dockerized documentation

Here's a webpage with some guides to help get you onboard the new setup. Reach out to me if there's any concerns or issues.

Google Drive and Docs

Nextcloud is a massive direct replacement. Like Email the limitation here will be bandwidth more than anything. But I have Terabytes of storage available in Nextcloud and have all sorts of useful things for you to access in there already.

Nextcloud also includes the service to automatically backup your photos. Along with the ability to share those photos to others.

Other Google services

Since they've walked back the actual end-date for all services being killed for us (and seem to keep walking it back) things like android integration, youtube, etc... will still be available. I will not have a way to integrate with these services again after Google inevitably breaks everything.